A Beginners Guide to the Internet of Things
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IoT technology is new to the field and just because of that many find it intimidating and confusing. In this article, we try to explain what IoT is and how practical these devices are in the real world and circumstances, along with the possible issues and challenges that could arise.

Basic understanding of IoT

If we calculate the age of the Internet, it’s more than 20 years now. The primary aim of the Internet was to connect people to people. Let us call this phase-1 of the Internet. Then what would be phase-2, it is the connection between people and machines. And also we have a phase-3 where machines are connected to other machines. Phase-2 and phase-3 explain the basics of the Internet of Things.

The whole concept started with devices being smart. And the first milestone started with smartphones. Today smart gadgets do not limit themselves to smartphones. We have smart locks, smart AC, smart car, smart light, and the list will go endless. When these devices are connected to each other and connected to the Internet, as well can transfer data between them- that is what we call the Internet of Things. The “Things” in the phrase refers to these interconnected devices, that ensure a safer, more efficient, and smarter experience for its users.

How IoT makes it easy?

As a brief explanation of IoT is provided, now we will see how exactly IoT makes it easier for us. Let us look into one of the famous IoT gadgets called Nest Thermostat and see how it makes your living more comfortable. The device is from Nest Lab and Nest Lab is where some everyday devices are taken into consideration and its functioning is made simple with the integration of IoT. This thermostat since it is smart is connected to the internet through wifi and it can be controlled using your smartphone. Exactly that is how IoT functions with the so-called smart devices. Besides, it has the potential to study your behavioral pattern and set a temperature setting based on that. Here comes the point that makes Nest Thermostat outstandingly smart. It even has sensors that can detect your absence in the home. Isn’t your life getting easier with such a smart device? When the technology of IoT expands, one day we may reach a situation where your fitness tracker detects you have fallen asleep and turns off the television automatically or can alert you with water or gas leaks, so that you can live in peace. Hope this example makes you understand how living is better with IoT.

Internet of Things components

Every IoT system comprises 3 basic elements or components. Namely, the thing, the network, and the platform.

The Things – Sensors and Devices

We are familiar with mobile phones and computers connected to the internet. But the things here refer to some sensors created to measure any values or detect a situation.

IoT Networks And Protocols

Networks and protocols used by IoT will be the existing ones in your office and home.

IoT Platforms, Apps, and Services

IoT platforms are capable of combining several IoT functions together. They collect and transmit data, convert them between protocols, and even store and analyze data to act smartly.

Possible challenges in IoT

Here is a list of challenges IoT technology is facing.


We have several companies developing several smart devices. Each company may have different technology and platforms and so every “thing” in IoT to get connected with each other is a bit difficult as of now. But no worries, several groups including Qualcomm, LG, Microsoft, etc. are working to create an open standard that makes interoperability possible with ease. So that every device can talk with every other device.

Security and privacy

IoT collects data and so every user will have a thought of security and privacy regarding this data. It is a great concern whether these data will get into the wrong hands. However, the Federal Trade Commission has made some recommendations to the companies to protect their customers. Similarly, companies like Apple have made it certain to include end-to-end encryption along with authentication and privacy policy to all the products for their HomeKit platform.

Should I buy one?

The concept of IoT is around here for years. However, the public came aware of it and got familiarized with the concept recently. Buying a smart device for your office or home is completely a personal choice. Still, I would like to make a suggestion here. If you decide to buy one, then do your intense research and buy it from a company you trust. Several products in the market make our daily routine easier to perform in one or the other way. But make sure, you end up buying a product that can actually solve a problem of yours.


IoT is simply not what it is explained here. Through this article we have tried to make the concept of technology and how it is shaping our world today, as clear as possible with the least technical terms spoken. Get a detailed explanation of IoT here for further reading. Ewaantech located in Saudi Arabia provides excellent assistance in IoT. You can now increase your productivity and scale the business while providing the best to your customers. For any kind of IoT support in Saudi Arabia feel free to get in touch with us. We believe that innovation with the internet along with industries can make the world smarter. We are here to back you in developing your business and our world.